• Production & Asset Optimization
    Production & Asset Optimization
    Hear how digital transformation enables industrial customers to maximize productivity and asset availability, and lower costs. AWS experts, AWS Partners and customers share how they are liberating data from their legacy OT systems and leveraging new tools in the cloud like machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and IIoT to optimize operations.
    Learn to Optimize Operations
  • Engineering & Design
    Engineering & Design
    Learn how industrial companies are transforming their computer-aided engineering efforts with the most comprehensive set of AWS Partner and AWS cloud solutions available today, while leveraging the highest level of security to protect intellectual property. Focus on your best design efforts, not on the infrastructure needed to make it happen.
    Transform Computer-Aided Engineering
  • Smart Products & Machines
    Smart Products & Machines
    Hear from AWS experts, AWS Partners and customers and learn how you can launch smart products and machines using IIoT, machine learning/AI, and robotics to generate new revenue streams, offer new services, and enhance the customer experience.
    Launch Smart Products
  • Learn more about how AWS Industrial Competency Partners can transform your business securely and at scale

    Production and Asset Optimization

    Learn how to maximize productivity and asset availability so you can focus on optimizing your operations, not on the infrastructure needed to make it happen.
    • Automate Away Human Errors with Augmentation for Safer, More Productive Operations
      2:00 PM EST | Tuesday, December 14, 2021
      Manufacturing leaders are shifting their focus to augmenting their workforce with technology as the next digital lever that will drive gains in productivity, quality and throughput. Hear thought leaders from Terex Corp. and Tulip discuss how the democratized process of building solutions puts the augmented industrial worker at the center of digital transformation, and join us for a live Q&A session.
    • Advanced Industrial Analytics with Seeq on AWS
      Available Now On-Demand
      In the realm of chemical manufacturing, Covestro is leading the charge to Industry 4.0. Using Seeq’s advanced analytics on AWS, Covestro is tackling the complexity of Big Data and working to make its solutions sustainable. Learn how Covestro drove optimizations to its operational processes by implementing digitization efforts and data technology, and participate in a live Q&A session.
    • Streamlining Production with an AWS-based MES System
      2:00 PM EDT | Thursday, October 28, 2021
      Traditional on-premises manufacturing execution systems (MES) are monolithic, inflexible, and expensive to maintain and evolve over time. Join us for a webinar and live Q&A session on how AWS partner 42Q is enabling manufacturers to access the agility, flexibility and low cost of the cloud with cloud-native MES running on AWS.

    Engineering and Design

    Transforming your engineering, design, and simulation while protecting your IP allows you to focus on innovative product and production design, not on the infrastructure needed to make it happen.

    Smart Products and Machines

    By using cutting edge automation, machine learning and AI will allow you to make your products and/or machines smarter for a better customer experience, and new revenue streams.
    • Interactive Asset Mapping in Your CMMS: The Benefits of Spatial Intelligence
      2:00 PM EST | Thursday, December 02, 2021
      Discover how NavVis and eMaint have created a digital hub for maintenance operations capable of synchronizing condition-monitoring data sources, asset management information, 360-degree digital imagery, and geolocation and maintenance work orders — all in one flow. After the webinar, participate in a live Q&A session.
    • Organizational Agility Driven by Cloud Transformation
      2:00 PM EST | Thursday, December 09, 2021
      Industrial companies are seeking agility across the product value chain — from product design to manufacturing to supply chain. During a webinar and live Q&A session, find out how technology led by Cloud provides the foundation for this agility. It helps organizations build and supply products faster, collaborate in a better and more efficient manner, and, above all, drive superior employee and customer experience.
    • Transforming Product Service and Diagnostics with Instrument Health Program
      Available Now On-Demand
      During this webinar and a live Q&A session, learn how Thermo Fisher leveraged PTC ThingWorx and AWS IoT services to develop a Smart Instrument Health solution for its connected medical devices in the field.